Mountain bike leader qualifications?

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Hex a metre 23 Jul 2021

Hi All,

Does anybody have any practical experience of mountain bike leader qualifications? There seem to be several on offer.

Also do you have any experience of working as a mountain bike leader either employed or freelance?

It would be great to hear your experience

In reply to Hex a metre:

It's something I've considered as part of a long running, very slow career change. There does seem to be a lot of different options and very little guidance on which is best suited. So far I've not managed to work out what I want to do and so not worked out which suits me best. 

 TheGeneralist 23 Jul 2021
In reply to Hex a metre:

Just completed my L3 assessment last weeken with the intention of doing what the Podge outlines.

I think it's more simplr that it initially seems.  Ithink all the older smltb schemes have gone ( apologies to smltb if that's wrong). All done via British cycling.  Two pretty distinct strands.... one coaching and one guiding, depending what you want to do.

I did the guiding one. ( Partly as I am technically inept, riding wise)

Level 1 is " school" grounds only

Level 2 is all rollable, 90 % rideable by the whole group, obvious line choice. Within 30 minutes of ambulance.

Level 3 remove the rollable, 30 minutes and obvious line choice stipulations.

In reply to Hex a metre:

I'm a level 2. Been considering a L3 though. I have been guiding/leading within the remit of my L2 5 times in the past month as it covers quite a lot.

In reply to TheGeneralist:

You're right, all MTB qualifications now under British Cycling. My TCL is now L2 but is still listed as TCL on my BC membership card.

Hex a metre 27 Jul 2021
In reply to blackmountainbiker:

Thanks, that's good to know. Do you find that there is any pattern as to who your clients are? And  would I be right in thinking that you work at trail centres mostly? 

I'm Edinburgh based at the moment and I'm sure I see the odd guide out with single clients at Glentress. Helping my daughter (6) to progress at the moment and finding very rewarding. 

 Chip Rafferty 28 Jul 2021
In reply to Hex a metre:

 MBCUK are one of the UK's MB qualification providers with BC, MIAS and Cycling UK being the others. Their awards schemes follow similar pathways of Level 1-3. However mainly as a result of funding provision, BC went two tier and separated Coaching from  Leadership, which means twice the work and arguably twice the cost to the candidate.The other providers rational was that they could combine Coaching and Leadership at Level 1-2 the emphasise the coaching at Level 3. Which has worked well for many years. At level 3, awarded from any of the providers the ABMG Guides scheme can  be entered; which is where each provider comes together to deliver the British Guides Training and Assessment in preparation for the International Guides Carnet. The ABMG courses identify any differences that naturally occur in the 4 schemes, to provide a level playing field.


Hex a metre 28 Jul 2021
In reply to Chip Rafferty:

Thanks for that, Chip, that's a very helpful breakdown.

In reply to Hex a metre:

A real mix. Some trail centre stuff and also Black Mountains/Brecon Beacons. Also a mix of individuals and small groups plus schools, the latter because I'm a deputy headteacher. 

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