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 Tim Lowe 14 Jan 2021

Looking for opinions/advice from knowledgeable mountain bikers please. 
I’m trying to choose between these two bikes:

Specialized Rockhopper Expert 29 

Whyte 905 v3

both are a very similar price but I’m not a technical expert so if you know what you’re talking about I would greatly appreciate your opinions. 


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 mondite 14 Jan 2021
In reply to Tim Lowe:

Whyte 903? Thought they just had the 901, 905 and 909.

Standard advice is to try and ride them though

 Tim Lowe 14 Jan 2021
In reply to mondite:

Sorry typo 905

 TheGeneralist 14 Jan 2021
In reply to Tim Lowe:

Have you checked stock?

Standard current answer to "what bike to buy" is "anything you can find with a delivery before June.

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 crustypunkuk 14 Jan 2021
In reply to Tim Lowe:

Having owned a previous gen 905 i may be slightly biased, but they're great bikes. Progressive geometry, good spec level and fun to ride. Spesh bikes are decent, but you pay more for less.

Good luck getting hold of either at the moment though!

 Tim Lowe 14 Jan 2021
In reply to TheGeneralist:I’m going to have to order it but that’s no problem as I have one to use in the interim 

 Tim Lowe 14 Jan 2021
In reply to crustypunkuk: Thanks for the advice 

 Jim Lancs 14 Jan 2021
In reply to Tim Lowe:

You need to tell us what you want to do with it.  Or what sort of riding appeals?

That price point is very competitive and places like Decathlon will sell you a full suspension 29er for the same price and similar spec that might be way more suitable for some types of riding you might fancy.

 Tim Lowe 14 Jan 2021
In reply to Jim Lancs:Good point. Nothing very technical or steep downhill. General easyish off road riding and looking for a bike that will last a good few years. I don’t need full suspension. I’m happy to spend that sort of money on a decent bike. It’s the technical stuff I’m not too clued up on really. Cheers 

 mondite 14 Jan 2021
In reply to Tim Lowe:

Ideally its a case of riding both. I have a fairly old 905 and it is a lovely bike to ride.

Primary difference is the 29 vs 27.5 which some people will swear makes all the difference in the world and makes the other unridable but which plenty of people shrug at.

 1poundSOCKS 14 Jan 2021
In reply to Tim Lowe:

Hi Tim,

I've got a Rockhopper 2020. Love the 1x drivetrain and 29 inch wheels. I fitted a dropper seatpost and went tubeless. Both very worthwhile IMO.


 Tim Lowe 14 Jan 2021
In reply to 1poundSOCKS:

Hi Mat

Thanks for the advice which is really useful 

Hopefully see you before too long when we’re allowed back to the walls again


 coinneach 14 Jan 2021
In reply to Tim Lowe:

I have a rockhopper 29er. It’s an excellent bike for forest track and general riding, I tried riding it on 7 stanes type stuff and struggled as it’s less manoeuvrable than my Giant with 26 inch wheels.

That said, after a SERIOUS crash about ten years ago, I don’t seek out technical riding these days anyway.

The other important factor is that it “fits” me !

Whatever you choose. . . . . Have fun!

In reply to Tim Lowe:

The Whyte has a much slacker head angle so will be more fun to throw downhill. Different wheel sizes and tyre widths will give them a totally differnt feel. I'd take the Whyte, more fun.

 Tim Lowe 14 Jan 2021
In reply to blackmountainbiker: Thanks I think that’s my decision too  

 afx22 15 Jan 2021
In reply to Tim Lowe:

I bought a 901 in 2017, after having a few years off mountain biking.  I was very experienced prior to that.

I bought it off the back of loads of good reviews and was really disappointed.  The geometry was stable, while the wheels were on the floor but it was too long to throw around.  I always felt like the bike was restricting me and slowing me down.  I sold it less than a year after I bought it.

I now have a Trek Fuel EX and I love that.  

But we all have different body shapes and riding styles.  As others have said, try and get some test rides done.

 stewart murray 15 Jan 2021
In reply to Tim Lowe:

Both look good options for their respective prices. Unless you're in the middle of the size chart, do try to get a test ride. Whyte have their divide between M and L sizes at 5' 10" which is probably the average male height. 

 Kalna_kaza 16 Jan 2021
In reply to TheGeneralist:

One of my local bike shops have said that if you fit a S, M or L frame and the bike you are looking for is in stock and budget then buy it now - by spring it may be too late. 

They are not expecting to be able to receive big deliveries until November at the earliest. They even said getting some components are on months long lead times.

 Broraboyan 26 Jan 2021
In reply to Tim Lowe:

hope its not to late .....Can i put a spanner in the works and say you should try a plus sized tire bike before buying one of these, the best fun you'll ever have on a bike, great for climbing ,great for comfort as you can run lower tire pressures so you don't feel too many bumps , more grip with lower tire pressures and it will roll over stuff with ease so easier to pedal to.

 crustypunkuk 26 Jan 2021
In reply to Broraboyan:

The 905 has plus size tyres. 

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