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Had a quick forum search but no joy....

Is anyone involved in managing cycle to work from an employers point of view. I've been given a health and wellbeing champion role at work (unpaid obviously) and one thing discussed is C2W.

We are a smallish charity based in Derbyshire with 20ish employees. Realistically only 3-4 of those likely to take part due to impracticality of cycling to work for most. 

I know when i got mine when working for County Council they didnt mind whether I was genuinely planning on cycling to work with the view that me being fitter benefited them even if it didn't save parking spaces etc. 

How much faff are these schemes for our finance worker and what implications are there for smaller orgs? So I can be pre informed when raising it 

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I found this when looking into the new rules (see my other thread on the subject)

 Mad Tommy 21 Aug 2019
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You might also want to look at the Green Commute Initiative ( as this is a far simpler scheme, though not so widely known. To my understanding, your company loans you the money to buy the bike, but the bike is yours from the start, not purchased by your company and hired to you. You pay the loan to your company via salary sacrifice and so get the tax/NI back, but this did the only ongoing involvement of your company as they don't own the bike. There is also no upper price limit on this scheme, and it was originally set up to cover evokes.

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Will take a look.... there seems to be loads of different schemes so can get a bit bewildering 

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