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Boris said ... dream on, mate ...

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 BDS 26 Nov 2020

Hi all

"Mr Johnson said the new restrictions will begin when the national lock-down ends on December 2 and be in place until the Spring" 

Was hoping for a bit of freedom from next Wednesday ....

Assuming i will remain in TIER - 2 (will i ??)  ... am i allowed to travel from Bedfordshire to Wales to do some MTB on my own (or with a person from the same household)?

The whole sh..t is so confusing now ....

Obviously - no fancy bike parks. Only NO-Facilities areas such as Penmachno, Betws-y-Coed, Snowdon, similar ... 

Already called friendly campsite to check if ok (i can stay in my VAN with no issues whatsoever). Hot shower, wasching machine, 2 miles from town to sort out some food. I know the area very well - so all looking good (apart from teleportation aspect) ...



 baron 26 Nov 2020
In reply to BDS:

Think it's more Mr Drakeford that is curtailing your freedom.

 Run_Ross_Run 26 Nov 2020
In reply to BDS:

Stay at home and ride local would be best. 

In reply to BDS:

Wales is I think still closed to people from England?  You could go to the Lakes though.

 BDS 27 Nov 2020
In reply to Neil Williams:

That is actually a good idea Neil, thanks.

Would you know any recommended trails there?

Been there many times but never MTB.

In reply to BDS:

Whinlatter and Grizedale both have a number of trials. Plenty of MTB routes on tracks and bridleways, e.g. the Borrowdale bash.

 Jmacquarrie 27 Nov 2020
In reply to BDS:

Had enough of Chicksands then?

Swinley forest?

In reply to BDS:

Not entering the debate about Covid can we or can't we options but offering info on MTB routes.

Vertebrate Publishing have excellent books on MTB routes all over the country,


Pedalnorth.com & Lakes MTB are excellent sites with routes to suit various skill levels and fitness levels.

The routes in the Lakes can have a harder base so can be very wet and rocky unlike something like, say, Woburn or Swinley.

Lakes is fantastic venue for MTB. Whinlatter and Grizedale are good trail centres if you want that but there are so, so many natural trails that are absolutely fantastic. Grizedale/Coniston/Claife Heights has so many natural trails and can be a bit more sheltered if the weather is not playing ball.

Enjoy whenever you go.

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 BDS 27 Nov 2020
In reply to Jmacquarrie:

Not that i am fed up but .... i'd prefer 20-40 km mountain trails instead waiting in a queue to do 60 sec run with 4 dirt jumps on the way. Don't get me wrong, local parks are fantastic and great training facilities (some - free of charge) but i guess i am not tired enough?

Woburn Bike Park (Matt Jones' home place ...)

Rushmere Park (not much to do here, unfortunately)

Chicksands (not my fav)

Been to Swinley (Bracknell) few times but there is only one red (and one blue) trail there, right? You need to bear in mind this is roughly 60-70 miles from my place (i don't think i can classify such trip as "morning exercise")

Thanks anyway

 BDS 27 Nov 2020
In reply to Kalna_kaza:

Kalna - Kaza

Prof Outdoors

Appreciate suggestions, thanks a lot, working from home so plenty of time to do some digging and planning.

 mondite 27 Nov 2020
In reply to BDS:

> Been to Swinley (Bracknell) few times but there is only one red (and one blue) trail there, right?

Yes and they are the same (red extends blue) although there are various unofficial sections which expands it eg the main hill there has several different trails down it although the fireroad back up is tedious.

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