Biblongs and pads

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 cousin nick 29 Oct 2018

Now that its getting chillier, at some point I will have to start wearing biblongs again when on the roadie.

I currently own two pairs, neither with pads, which means that I need to wear something with a pad (chamois) underneath.  Up until now I've used Endura padded undershorts, but to be honest the pad is pretty cr@p!.  I suppose I could wear my bibshorts under, but this would mean a bit too much 'strappage' on top. Alternatively I suppose I could just get some (non-bib) shorts.

Anyone with similar needs? What do you do/recommend?


 Chris the Tall 29 Oct 2018
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Biblongs made their first appearance this morning and was pretty grateful for them. Got a couple of pairs from decathlon which were reasonably priced and actually fitted me - some of the more expensive ones i've tried seemed a bit short.

However (and I am getting to point) I rarely wear bibshorts, so I have a good collection of normal cycling shorts, including a couple which are designed for mountain biking, under overshorts - well padded but mesh fabric elsewhere to avoid overheating. One pair is Decathlon and I think the other is Altura

 Jim Lancs 29 Oct 2018

I use the cycling under-shorts from Aldi under mine when going out for 90 mins, or a couple of hours in the evening. I find the padding good enough for that. Easier to wash than full bib shorts.

 LastBoyScout 29 Oct 2018
In reply to cousin nick:

If your bib shorts are reasonably thick, then a pair of thermal knee/leg warmers might be all you need for a while.

If you're happy with the fit of your bib longs, then just go for a better pair of undershorts - I found these pretty good, but they come up small, so go up a size:

I will probably be back in bib tights this week...

 Hardonicus 29 Oct 2018
In reply to cousin nick:

I don't really notice any strappage issues with bibshorts and bib tights. I think the ones without pads are best (and cheapest) as you can team up with bibshorts but you only need to wash the tights every few rides i.e. two pairs of tights will do a week of commuting.

In reply to cousin nick:

Well I go from bib shorts to 3/4 lengths to shorts with leg warmers, and finally to bib shorts with non-padded bib tights. Never found the 2 sets of straps a problem.

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 ClimberEd 29 Oct 2018
In reply to cousin nick:

Other option - get a pair of tri shorts - padded area is much thinner than usual cycling shorts and will sit under tights (I refuse to call them 'biblongs'!!) quite easily.

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