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 Tobes 03 Dec 2021

Hi all, anyone else still waiting on a pre-ordered bike where delivery date has passed and is now a tbc? They are having issues with some parts I believe and the supplier is unable to confirm when they'll come in so still in the air. You may have received an update from from Alpkit already (if not check the spam folder)

My Evol SX Eagle was due around middle of Nov (ordered and paid in Aug)  but they now can't say when it'll come - I'm sure something will come through eventually but wondered if there are others wondering whether to stick with it or cancel and try and use that money on an alternative that's more readily available?  

This isn't to bash Alpkit at all - i'm well aware of the current issues - just interested in what others in similar situation were thinking? 


In reply to Tobes:

I've also read about all the supply problems across the global bike market, but have you had any direct contact with Sonder/Alpkit? Communication has always been one of Alpkit's strongest suites, and maybe they genuinely are as much in the dark as you, but they might be able to give an educated guess if you call?

I'm toying with the idea of getting a Transmitter, hence my interest! Good luck whichever way you go. I've read lots of similar posts to yours in various bike groups over the last year, so if nothing else, you're very much not alone in your disappointment! Not that this will help much.

OP Tobes 03 Dec 2021
In reply to TobyA:

yeah - i've had a few messages with them so the 'we just don't know either' is unfortunately the latest on the situation - I'm pretty chilled about it but was just curious really what others knew (more insider knowledge of the current bike supply world) or what those waiting on a bike were considering - my local trails are currently out of bounds due to forestry work and then Arwen - so it's not too bad just now being without - 

 jethro kiernan 03 Dec 2021
In reply to Tobes:

I managed to get my Sonder Camino frame roughly on time (10 days late) but I’m into a 6 week wait for my Hope wheels 😏

Definitely worth getting hold of them their pretty good at communicating 

Supply problems definitely a problem I was building the bike build with generally second hand parts apart from frame, wheels and tyres but some parts were going for more second hand than new (but not available) luckily I was going for a slow build.

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 Denning76 03 Dec 2021
In reply to Tobes:

A friend works in the industry. Admittedly it was a few months back but he said that, when it came to components, his company really wasn't certain what was coming in, when it was coming in, and even how much they were getting. His is a much bigger company with much more purchasing power than Alpkit/Sonder too.

OP Tobes 03 Dec 2021
In reply to Denning76:

thanks - they have a possible plan B but the replacement part would push the cost up a further £600 which I just can't manage - the all in cost with a few extras was just under 2k so that was my budget/ceiling really - i'm sure (eventually!) they get hold of what they need (had expected) or perhaps we'll all get a significant upgrade (at no extra cost?!) if they just can't find a work around? 

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