Alpkit daytime running lights

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 fire_munki 08 Sep 2018

Autumn is here so I want some daytime light for the grey days on the roadie.

Not for proper illumination (have big lamps for that) just being seen.

The alpkit tau look good value, anyone here tried them? Rear would need to sit happily on a BB areo seat post.

 Joez 08 Sep 2018
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No experience with the Tau, but I have a pair of Lezyne Femto Drive lights.

Had them for about five years, never missed a beat.

 Mr Fuller 10 Sep 2018
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The Tau is very good, though I only have the rear light: bright enough, good battery life, easily charged up, common sense low battery indicator, has never complained despite long rides in all-day rain and daily use through winter. The rubber bands to hold the thing on are a little scary at first but have proven durable enough (18 months of daily use). The band I have on the light won't allow it to mount on a seat post, only on the stays, but that's fine for me as I already have a seat post light. Not sure about mounting on aero seat posts, might be worth an email to Alpkit to ask.

I've had another one of alpkit's bike lights in the past and it was utterly terrible, almost dangerous if relied on to see, but the Tau is great. I returned the other one for a full refund so their excellent customer service sorted that one out.

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 LastBoyScout 10 Sep 2018
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My emergency lights are a Lezyne Femto Drive on the front and Cateye Rapid Micro rear.

I've got an aero seatpost on one bike, but it also has a Fizik saddle and Cateye make a specific mount for Fizik (and some Selle Royal) saddles.

 nniff 10 Sep 2018
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I've got a tiny Bontrager light for the front - Ion or some such.  Rechargeable, very bright, and without a focussed beam.  For the rear I've got a Cateye Rapid which is narrow and has an aero seat post mount.  The Alpkit ones look far too wide to sit on an aero post.  The alternative is to make an aero adaptor out of Sugru.

 For the front, the Alpkit one looks fine - but how good they are I've no idea.

PS I use day time lights all year, particularly on bright summer days, because the contrast between shade and bright sunlight renders a cyclist in the shade well-nigh invisible. 12 Sep 2018
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i like my exposure trace and tracer-tiny light and very bright.rechargable.nice.

 cousin nick 13 Sep 2018
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I recently got a Tau (rear) to use on my road bike.  t is bright, and good value. The attachment is OK, but I have concerns about the longevity of the o-ring attachment (fully expect to get home one day Tau-less!).

I have a Moon rear light on my MTB (for the road ride home) which has a bracket that attaches to the saddle rails. This is ideal for a dropper post, but would be equally suitable for an aero post. The light is superb too, and like the Tau, it is USB rechargeable.



In reply to fire_munki:

Maplin were selling the exact same lights. I have 3 of the rear ones, and really like them. Bright, various modes, easy to install, and small so don't make the bike look cluttered. I leave them on all the time, except when charging.

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