Rock Athlete: New Extremes

19 Aug, 2015
Great stuff. Different world back then. I just about remember those cars from my childhood. First footage too I've seen of the infamous Bosi cravasse jump on video 2.
19 Aug, 2015
On Video 3, one of the cars is mine. If you watch closely at about 2.05 as Ron and Chris pull onto the CC field my white Triumph Dolomite Sprint makes an appearance in between 2 other cars parked by the hut. Al
19 Aug, 2015
Great set of programmes, Sid has uploaded a load more of his films on YouTube! Fun viewing. :-)
19 Aug, 2015
That's a last great problem solved! 40 years I've been wondering who that car belonged to :-)
20 Aug, 2015
Glad I've put that one to rest for you. Only 4 more cars to go. :-) Al
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