Curved Ridge and a Flight Down

"Buachaille Etive Mòr means 'the Great Herdsman of Etive', and the mountain stands like a guardian at the head of Glen Coe. My favourite route is Curved Ridge, a wonderful mountaineering line in both summer and winter" says film maker Rob Johnson.

"In this episode of my Mountain Days Vlog I climb Curved Ridge at sunrise, getting to the summit in smooth air so that I can fly down on my lightweight paraglider."

4 Jun

Gosh that's nice!

4 Jun

I really enjoyed that, thanks.

A gently paced film with stunning photography.

It blows my mind that a person on their own can capture their adventure that well.

And extra kudos for being a responsible drone user and not flying it on a busy day.

4 Jun

Excellent. Thank you!


AS Dan says, its astonishing the results that a non professional film maker can acheive with quite light, compact and cheap equipment.

Also astonishing that you can comfortably carry up a paraglider and harness in a pretty small looking rucksac that can be flown off a mountain. It didn't look like a mini/speed wing either. Could you do an extended flight with that set up and soar or thermal? Or is it really only a descent wing?

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