Sir Chris Bonington encourages 'A Cold Embrace' in new film Press Release

Berghaus has teamed up with climbing icon Sir Chris Bonington and creative outfit Casa Colombo to present a new short film. 'A Cold Embrace' combines reworked original footage from the 1970s and 1980s with a narration by Sir Chris that reflects on the beauty that lies within the coldest environments and highest mountains on earth. Exploring the intimate connection between humans and the cold, the film's overriding message is to urge people to get outside. The project is part of Berghaus' Cold Studies campaign, which showcases the brand's collection of insulated apparel that is designed to help people to stay outside for longer.

Casa Colombo is a creative studio founded by twins Lea and Roberto Colombo, with a mission to cultivate change in the collective consciousness through authentic creative expression, leveraging a distinctive approach to colour. For A Cold Embrace, Lea and Roberto have used moving images, sound and narration as a means to, in their words, "ignite a dormant desire within all of us to step into the brisk unknown, and to confront the chill".

Sir Chris Bonington's climbing career started in the 1950s, and he has achieved multiple first ascents and led pioneering expeditions to the greater ranges of the world. Sir Chris has been working with Berghaus since 1984 as a brand ambassador, playing a role in the development and testing of key products, including industry leading gear that is essential for expeditions in the coldest conditions, and general safety and comfort during time outdoors in the winter.

In the new film, Casa Colombo have used archive material from the 1970s and 1980s to create a visually and aurally striking evocation of cold environments. This has been combined with a narration by Sir Chris that reflects on his own experiences in the colder places of the world and what he has learned as he has faced challenges and adversity along the way. The collaboration was developed as part of the Berghaus campaign platform Cold Studies, a wide-reaching call that invites audiences to embrace the cold, and showcases products that can keep people outside for longer. The campaign is linked to the brand's latest high performance insulated apparel, featuring technologies such as water resistant Hydrodown, a groundbreaking innovation that Berghaus introduced to the outdoor market over a decade ago.

Sir Chris Bonington comments: "Life is a process of learning. If life is easy, simple and flat, you never learn anything. Then if you do face real adversity, you're not in a shape to cope with it. Cold can thrill and if you are thrilled about what's around you, you're going to function that much better. Get out there and just immerse yourself in it, and if you do that, life is going to be much richer."

Lea Colombo adds: "I really enjoyed working on this beautiful footage and having the opportunity to go through Chris's archive and dive deep into his world and ethos. Seeing the capabilities of the body, mind and what nature has to offer can spark people's imagination."

Charlie Pym, senior vice president Berghaus, comments: "A Cold Embrace is a tribute to the beauty that lies within the cold and the power of the human connection with the elements. Casa Colombo's already mesmerising visuals and atmospheric soundtrack are elevated by the words of Sir Chris, who brings deep authority and authenticity, and a compelling message to get out there. This is exactly what Berghaus wants to convey through our Cold Studies campaign, as we continue to encourage and enable more people to access the outdoors."


For more information watch the film here

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