Alpkit Logo Set to Appear on TV Networks

Alpkit target adventures TV programme makers and presenters with innovative media-sensitive outerware. Designed for the harshest environments loGo balances licensing issue and commercial interests with strict editorial guidelines. Thanks to loGo there is now no need to risk non compliance.

In our multi-media driven environment, what can and cannot be worn by the people we admire and trust on TV is becoming increasingly complex. The barriers to outside broadcasting have been thoroughly broken down meaning live or on-location shooting is now common place in all weathers and in some of the most inhospitable corners of the world.

Network channel programme makers have to strike a fine balance between presenters needing the most stylish and fit-for-purpose garments and the guidelines drafted by regulatory bodies overseeing and protecting the interests of the viewing public. The need to avoid any undue prominence of products, brands or services is crucial to this.

Cult online outdoor brand Alpkit has devised an innovative and future-proof solution to give programme makers and presenters the garment flexibility they need to balance their commercial liabilities, editorial integrity and independence from external interests without sacrificing the quality and reliability of a trusted technical clothing brand.

loGo is the culmination of months of geeky development in partnership with leading Nottingham based micro-electronic R&D house G2. loGo features a soft, flexible colour loGoPaper screen that can be used to display any logo you like in the area where a logo would normally be placed.

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1 Apr, 2014
Hmmmm, something doesn't seem quite right here for some reason I can't quite put my finger on....
1 Apr, 2014
the date?
1 Apr, 2014
I know it's a joke and all, but it's not actually an awful (or impossible to do) idea. Selling clothes with electronics stuff in them isn't unheard of. So selling clothes with a e-paper(e-ink) screen in them, isn't a bad idea.
1 Apr, 2014
Haha, they went to a lot of effort on this one ;)

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