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Summits 400m and above in the Pentland Hill range. Covers hills in Midlothian, Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, West Lothian and the Borders.

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Caerketton Hill summit 86 478m Midlothian
Allermuir Hill summit 127 493m West Lothian
Capelaw Hill summit 88 454m Midlothian
Fala Knowe summit 40 439m Midlothian
Castlelaw Hill summit 60 488m Midlothian
Harbour Hill summit 65 421m Midlothian
Bell's Hill summit 53 406m Midlothian
Turnhouse Hill summit 75 506m Midlothian
Gask Hill summit 21 412m Midlothian
Black Hill summit 68 501m Lanarkshire
Carnethy Hill summit 78 573m Midlothian
Hare Hill summit 48 449m Midlothian
Scald Law summit 162 579m Midlothian
Grain Hill summit 25 460m Midlothian
South Black Hill summit 54 563m Midlothian
East Kip summit 92 534m Midlothian
West Kip summit 102 551m Midlothian
Kitchen Moss summit 22 430m Midlothian
Cap Law summit 43 497m Midlothian
Braid Law summit 22 436m Midlothian
Green Law summit 44 525m Midlothian
Cock Rig summit 20 479m Midlothian
East Cairn Hill summit 54 567m Lanarkshire
West Cairn Hill summit 44 562m Lanarkshire
Wether Law summit 22 479m Lanarkshire
Spittal Hill summit 40 526m Midlothian
Torweaving Hill summit 11 403m West Lothian
Mealowther summit 13 444m West Lothian
The Mount summit 37 538m Borders
Grain Heads summit 35 532m Borders
Patie's Hill summit 29 475m Midlothian
Carlops Hill summit 30 505m Borders
Mount Maw summit 34 535m Borders
Faw Mount summit 25 416m Borders
King Seat summit 15 463m Borders
Byrehope Mount summit 17 536m Midlothian
Craigengar summit 14 519m Borders
Fadden summit 11 466m Borders
White Craig summit 12 434m South Lanarkshire
Henshaw Hill summit 11 416m South Lanarkshire
Darlees Rig summit 13 448m South Lanarkshire
Catstone summit 13 448m Borders
Black Law summit 12 407m South Lanarkshire
Bleak Law summit 12 445m South Lanarkshire
Mid Hill summit 11 412m South Lanarkshire
Mendick Hill summit 22 451m Lanarkshire
Dunsyre Hill summit 11 401m South Lanarkshire
Harrow's Law summit 11 414m South Lanarkshire
Cairnsmuir summit 11 413m West Lothian
White Craig Hill summit 15 477m Borders
Muckle Knock summit 16 465m Borders
Fairliehope Hill summit 17 465m Borders
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