Cairn on summit of St Sunday Crag
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Lakeland 100 ticklist

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The Lakeland 100 by John Drews was published in 1996. It's the highest 100 unique hills and tops

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Scafell Pikesummit 1524978mCumbria
Sca Fellsummit 564964mCumbria
Symonds Knottsummit 94959mCumbria
Helvellynsummit 1752950mCumbria
Ill Cragsummit 256935mCumbria
Broad Cragsummit 343934mCumbria
Skiddawsummit 740931mCumbria
Helvellyn - Lower Mansummit 341925mCumbria
Great Endsummit 559910mCumbria
Bowfellsummit 851902mCumbria
Great Gablesummit 839899mCumbria
Pillarsummit 30892mCumbria
Nethermost Pikesummit 553891mCumbria
Catstye Camsummit 478890mCumbria
Esk Pikesummit 460885mCumbria
Raisesummit 457883mCumbria
Fairfieldsummit 835873mCumbria
Blencathrasummit 951868mCumbria
Bowfell North Topsummit 106866mCumbria
Skiddaw Little Mansummit 376865mCumbria
Whitesidesummit 420863mCumbria
Striding Edgesummit 346863mCumbria
Crinkle Crags - Long Topsummit 601859mCumbria
Dollywaggon Pikesummit 520858mCumbria
Great Doddsummit 334857mCumbria
Grasmoorsummit 327852mCumbria
Blencathra - Gategill Fellsummit 123851mCumbria
Blencathra - Atkinson Pikesummit 162845mCumbria
Stybarrow Doddsummit 348843mCumbria
Scoat Fellsummit 276841mCumbria
St. Sunday Cragsummit 571841mCumbria
Crag Hill [Eel Crag]summit 380839mCumbria
Crinkle Crags - South Topsummit 310834mCumbria
Black Crag (Pillar)summit 104828mCumbria
High Streetsummit 599825mCumbria
Red Pike (Wasdale)summit 321826mCumbria
Hart Cragsummit 588822mCumbria
Steeplesummit 239819mCumbria
Shelter Cragssummit 207815mCumbria
High Stilesummit 434806mCumbria
The Old Man of Conistonsummit 919803mCumbria
High Raisesummit 313802mCumbria
Kirk Fellsummit 325802mCumbria
Swirl Howsummit 537802mCumbria
Green Gablesummit 630801mCumbria
Lingmellsummit 260807mCumbria
Haycocksummit 180797mCumbria
Brim Fellsummit 456796mCumbria
White Stonessummit 63795mCumbria
Dove Cragsummit 534792mCumbria
Ramsgill Headsummit 250792mCumbria
Grisedale Pikesummit 422791mCumbria
Kirk Fell Eastsummit 122787mCumbria
Allen Cragssummit 310784mCumbria
Great Carrssummit 311785mCumbria
Thornthwaite Cragsummit 429784mCumbria
Glaramarasummit 377783mCumbria
Kidsty Pikesummit 268780mCumbria
Pillar Rocksummit 512780mCumbria
Dow Cragsummit 524778mCumbria
Harter Fellsummit 307778mCumbria
Red Screessummit 387776mCumbria
Looking Steadssummit 107775mCumbria
Shelter Crags Northsummit 173775mCumbria
Sailsummit 357773mCumbria
Wandopesummit 223772mCumbria
Grey Friarsummit 235773mCumbria
Hopegill Headsummit 374770mCumbria
Great Riggsummit 451766mCumbria
Stony Cove Pikesummit 310763mCumbria
High Raisesummit 478762mCumbria
Wetherlamsummit 503763mCumbria
Ill Bellsummit 363757mCumbria
Hart Sidesummit 151756mCumbria
Sand Hillsummit 137756mCumbria
Red Pike (Buttermere)summit 444755mCumbria
Dale Headsummit 461753mCumbria
Carl Sidesummit 323746mCumbria
Black Sailssummit 100745mCumbria
High Cragsummit 390745mCumbria
Round Howsummit 40741mCumbria
Little Standsummit 50740mCumbria
Hobcarton Cragsummit 125739mCumbria
Robinsonsummit 372737mCumbria
Harrison Sticklesummit 741736mCumbria
Seat Sandalsummit 241736mCumbria
Combe Headsummit 71735mCumbria
Long Sidesummit 284734mCumbria
Little Gowder Cragsummit 45733mCumbria
Codale Headsummit 53730mCumbria
Kentmere Pikesummit 308730mCumbria
Hindscarthsummit 340727mCumbria
Clough Headsummit 258726mCumbria
Ullscarfsummit 180726mCumbria
Thunacar Knottsummit 379723mCumbria
Red Beck Topsummit 113721mCumbria
Froswicksummit 313720mCumbria
Whiteside East Topsummit 101719mCumbria
Birkhouse Moorsummit 296718mCumbria
Brandrethsummit 369715mCumbria
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