WINNER - Win a 66 North Snaefell jacket worth £345 Competition

WINNER: Beth19

Win a 66 North Snaefell jacket worth £345 and eliminate the wet winter sweat-fest thanks to Polartec®

The outdoor industry is often guilty of prioritising high waterproof ratings to get us outside in all weathers but its high rain protection value can equate to a sweaty experience that's cold and clammy.

Breathability has invariably come more into focus with a fabric's ability to absorb our sweat, releasing it through the material itself, where it can evaporate more quickly becoming more important. If you can combine this with protection against the elements then you have a winning formula.

None have nailed this more than Polartec. Established in 1906 as Malden Mills, Polartec is the premium provider of innovative textile solutions, responsible for inventing modern synthetic fleece in 1981. One of their fabric innovations is a good name to get to know this winter. NeoShell offers an unrivalled capacity to stop water and wind permeating through to your skin, without restricting the release of sweat and excess body heat out.

If you're looking for a versatile outdoor jacket that'll look good walking down the street but won't fail you on an energetic mountain hike - you could do no better than the award winning 66 North Snaefell Jacket and we have one up for grabs! Named after Mount Snaefell, the largest free-standing mountain in Iceland you could stroll, hike or run your way up wearing this jacket in cold, wet weather and stay dry from the outside and inside.

Wear it over a base layer, mid layer or insulation jacket – depending on the conditions you're looking at. Technical features include an integrated swivel hood that follows your movements and won't block peripheral vision, a visor and elongated back for extra protection.

For your chance to win a 66 North Snaefell jacket simply answer the question below:

This competition has now closed.

More information visit 66 North

9 Jan

Disappointing that it wasn't named after the mighty Snaefell on the Isle of Man.

A fine Jacket for wearing while riding the tram to the top or watching one of the Dunlops hurtling past in the TTs

9 Jan

Is looking absolutely miserable when wearing it compulsory? Or does the jacket do that for you?

10 Jan

"The agency promised London Fashion Week, not this..."

10 Jan

That's not miserable, it's gritty and determined. Some people have to practice the look - go to the mirror and try a quick snarl, you'll work it out from there.

Edit: just had a another look and they do look really hacked off, don't they? Like they've lost £355 and found a tenner.

10 Jan

That's the "blue steel" look, learnt at the Zoolander School.

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