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Following our recent UKC/UKH Readership Survey, from which we gleaned useful information on the value of certain features on our site, we are now launching a second survey with an emphasis on user engagement and interaction, alongside a forum discussion. The questions primarily concern forum, logbook and photo gallery habits.

UKC/UKH user interaction survey  © UKC Articles
UKC/UKH user interaction survey

This short survey is open to both registered and non-registered users. If you can spare two minutes, please take the time to help us improve the site.

Please Note: Questions may appear to be out of sequence numerically. This is not an error and is due to skip logic depending on some of your responses.

Please also consider taking part in the forum discussion linked to this article below.

This survey has now closed.

28 Jan, 2017
Hi, Have completed survey. I would say: Whilst I have not necessarily had sexist replies to my posts (I'm a bloke), I have seen many threads which consist of "blokey banter" and have not posted on the thread, or have stopped reading or posting on threads because of such "banter". By the way, to make it clear, by "banter" what I actually mean is crude references to either male or female genitalia, or crude references to women generally, and/or sexual acts. Sorry to sound all formal and all that, but wanted to make clear that when I speak of "blokey banter" I'm not talking about comments regarding who won the football last night. :-)
28 Jan, 2017
Done... there was no dialogue box when I clicked other on q13 but not so important really. Thanks for running this, althogh the posting window is quite short... occasional users who might be most affected by any current issues might not notice before it is closed.
28 Jan, 2017
Done, and a good initiative. One minor point: Because the 'none of the above' choices were accompanied by a comment, I found myself twice agreeing with the comment while having already ticked one of the above!
28 Jan, 2017
Yes, I can understand the reason for this survey. There has certainly been some recent puerile comments on the site. I suspected it was mainly younger posters but this is not always so when I check profiles (this is where some can't be bothered to complete one) I always suspect where posters don't reveal their real name, then it gives them some divine right to 'slag' someone else, just for having a different opinion. If you can't take criticism, don't post. Leave the language of the football pitch back on the pitch. The same applies to overtly sexist comments. In conclusion, i don't think it's a major problem yet....but these things can spiral.
28 Jan, 2017
Oo-err Sean. Offend the footballers! Don't they get sent off for swearing? (Smiley icon; I'm not trying to start an argument!)
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