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There are over 1,080 videos on We welcome all hillwalking related video contributions – please contact us if you've got some video footage that you think UKH users would like to see.

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[Episode 1. Piers & Emma make it over the Severn in style]

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[Stevie Haston Explains the Grivel Master Pro Belay Device]

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[Snow Run on Arran]

Hill Walking
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['Peak Rock' book launch at The Climbing Works featuring: Ron Fawcett, Jerry Moffatt, John Allen and Pete Whittaker]

17 videos
[Rock Climbing Basics 1: Tying in with a Figure 8]

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[The BMC New Years Address: 2007]

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[How to Set up a Premier Post]

Site Usage
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[Hervé Barmasse: Movie Trailer "NOT SO FAR" ]

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