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Logbook for adnix

14 entries in this logbook

NameDate Crag name
Pointe Walker summit03/Aug/12Pointe Walker
Pointe Whymper summit03/Aug/12Pointe Whymper
Pointe Croz summit03/Aug/12Pointe Croz
Pointe Marguerite summit03/Aug/12Pointe Marguerite
Pointe Hélène summit03/Aug/12Pointe Hélène
Aiguille du Diable summit31/Jul/07Aiguille du Diable
Pointe Carmen summit31/Jul/07Pointe Carmen
Pointe Médiane summit31/Jul/07Pointe Médiane
Pointe Chaubert summit31/Jul/07Pointe Chaubert
Corne du Diable summit31/Jul/07Corne du Diable
Dôme de Rochefort summit08/Aug/06Dôme de Rochefort
Aiguille de Rochefort summit08/Aug/06Aiguille de Rochefort
Matterhorn summit07/Feb/06Matterhorn
Mont Blanc du Tacul summit05/Aug/05Mont Blanc du Tacul