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Logbook for bubu

38 entries in this logbook

NameDate Crag name
Mont Blanc summit???/2012Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc du Tacul summit???/2012Mont Blanc du Tacul
Dent du Géant summit???/2012Dent du Geant
Aiguille de Rochefort summit???/2012Aiguille de Rochefort
Barre des Écrins summit???/2012Barre des Écrins
Dôme de Neige des Écrins summit???/2012Dôme de Neige des...
Monte Rosa summit???/2012Monte Rosa
Zumsteinspitze summit???/2012Zumsteinspitze
Signalkuppe summit???/2012Signalkuppe
Dom summit???/2012Dom
Eastern Lyskamm summit???/2012Eastern Lyskamm
Western Lyskamm summit???/2012Western Lyskamm
Parrotspitze summit???/2012Parrotspitze
Ludwigshöhe summit???/2012Ludwigshöhe
Corno Nero summit???/2012Corno Nero
Zinalrothorn summit???/2012Zinalrothorn
Vincent-Pyramide summit???/2012Vincent-Pyramide
Alphubel summit???/2012Alphubel
Rimpfischhorn summit???/2012Rimpfischhorn
Strahlhorn summit???/2012Strahlhorn
Western Breithorn summit???/2012Western Breithorn
Bishorn summit???/2012Bishorn
Eastern Breithorn summit???/2012Eastern Breithorn
Pollux summit???/2012Pollux
Roccia Nera summit???/2012Roccia Nera
Ober Gabelhorn summit???/2012Ober Gabelhorn
Punta Giordani summit???/2012Punta Giordani
Allalinhorn summit???/2012Allalinhorn
Castor summit???/2012Castor
Finsteraarhorn summit???/2012Finsteraarhorn
Jungfrau summit???/2012Jungfrau
Mönch summit???/2012Mönch
Gross Grünhorn summit???/2012Gross Grünhorn
Gran Paradiso summit???/2012Gran Paradiso
Gross Fiescherhorn summit???/2012Gross Fiescherhorn
Hinter-Fiescherhorn summit???/2012Hinter-Fiescherhorn