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Topic - Serious Hamstring Tear

Hat Dude on 20 Feb 2013
Has anyone out there ever suffered a serious hamstring tear or know anything about them?

A week ago Mrs Dude & I were out for a short run when she suddenly fell; landing heavily on her face and at the same time injuring her leg. She ended up spending a night in hospital where they were mainly concerned with the head & face and didn't seem too worried about the leg even though she was unable to walk unaided.
A day after being discharged, the back of her thigh came out in some pretty spectacular bruising which is consistent with images of a "Grade 3 Hamstring Tear" a subsequent trip to the doctor confirmed this.

Is it likely that the tear was the cause of the fall? She's adamant she didn't trip and that she didn't feel anything "go"; just that one minute she was running along fine and the next instant she hit the deck; I was in front so didn't see anything, just heard a thud then an "aargh".

I'd also appreciate any info on recovery (For the hamstring! Her face is healing okay, swollen & bruised but fortunately no lasting damage)


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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