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Topic - In the eyes of the rescuers when does adventure become folly?

Wonrek - on 26 Dec 2012
I've just been reading about the walker that had to be rescued fom Bodmin moor in the small hours of Christmas morning

And it's prompted thoughts on my own activities out on the moors, mountains and coast path. I like to think I am a fairly experienced trail runner with a high level of fitness gained through running some of the toughest terrain the UK has to offer.

Currently I'm increasing the distances I'm running and am starting to step up to the 60 mile mark which involves being out in fairly inhospitable places at very inhospitable times more and more. I like to think I'm prepared and am knowledgable about the terrain I'm covering and carry all the appropriate kit and emergency back up kit (I think I'm a bit overkill in this area but better to be safe and all that)

So given that I'm going to have to start running through the night to attain the distanc and others are already doing this as a matter of course how do the rescuers see this?

At what point do those that willingly give their time feel that the line between adventure and folly has been crossed?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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