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Osprey - Soelden and Sopris Pro

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Osprey have teamed up with airbag makers Alpride to produce a new range of ski packs, featuring the E1 Electronic Airbag System, which make them some of the lightest packs of this spec on the market. It’s Osprey’s first airbag ski pack for 5 years. The system is powered by an electric engine inside the pack. It’s rechargeable with AA batteries or a micro usb, making it extremely easy to use compared to canister models. The deployment system sits inside either of the arm straps, to suit either left or right handlers, and the airbag takes 3.8 seconds to deploy. The outer of the pack has 12x the tensile strength of steel so it’s super durable. It has a robust ski and snowboard carrying system. The back system is perforated and snow-shedding. And the pack itself boasts plenty of features Available in both men’s and women’s versions. And if you’re after a more affordable ski pack without the air bag, then that’s also an option.