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Jöttnar was born in Arctic Norway and is the creation of two former Royal Marine commandos.

Our Pro Team athletes are pioneering skiers, first ascentionists, international mountain guides, prolific winter climbers, accomplished BASE jumpers and speed flyers.   

They are at the leading edge of their sports, and on the front line of our product testing and development.

10 Feb

A bit too much firm jawed staring into infinity. What exactly does 'I am the captain of my soul' mean?

10 Feb

It's from the poem Invictus (Unconquered).


10 Feb

Do they only sell men's clothes?

10 Feb

Is it just me, or does it feel like it just 'ends', hanging and without any sort of conclusion? It's like someone's chopped the last five seconds off in an overly enthusiastic edit.

12 Feb

Pretty sure it's just a parody. Banged out with some old footage and some tongue-in-cheek script.

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