Finding the Right Angle

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© James Mann
A short film about Iain Peters and the first ascent of Right Angle at Gurnards Head.

Great film, great bloke, and a great route too. I did the route on 18th May 2011. I never usually remember dates, but it was significant: firstly because it was my climbing partner's birthday and secondly because the route was just so bloody good! I just remember repeating the word 'wow' over and over again in the days that followed - that's only happened a few times*. In terms of atmosphere and exposure I can think of few routes that match at ANY grade, let alone Hard Severe!! * I did the same after doing Darkinbad + Black Magic over at Pentire, as their combined quality seemed to blow a fuse in my brain that left me incapable of anything other than repeating that same, rather unimaginative, monosyllable: wow...
26 Aug, 2016
Great video! Love films like this well done guys
26 Aug, 2016
Yeah a top video of a top guy and the route is pretty darn amazing as well so great job James! Hope to see you guys in the Count House later! :-) Cheers Dave
26 Aug, 2016
Thanks, really enjoyed the film, good interview and what an excellent looking route for hard severe.
26 Aug, 2016
Superb article, brilliant film. Happy anniversary! Mick
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