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Katha Saurwein on Eye of the Tiger 8a - Grampians, Australia

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Jorg Verhoeven and Katha Saurwein visit the Grampian Mountains of Australia to sample the best bouldering and sport climbs in the world. As part of the Grampians "BIG 4", Katha climbs the classic sport test piece "Eye of the Tiger" (29/5.13b) and ticks one more #lifelist box.
For more clips and information see www.marmot.de/australia.

4 Mar, 2016
Is it just my connection - that is the 2nd vid I have binned as it was so slow to load? The other was the Pedriza slab one. Chris
4 Mar, 2016
Just yours I think Chris. Was fine for me. Try it again now... maybe it didn't like us both watching it at the same time... :)
4 Mar, 2016
Just loaded ok for me, S
4 Mar, 2016
Cheers - I paused it a bit to let it buffer and it ran fine. Big 'olds for an 8a! Chris
4 Mar, 2016
That's what I thought. I've booked my flight...
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