An Eagle's Eye View of Cheddar Gorge

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D S Linnett of Bald Eagle Productions has sent in his latest aerial offering, this time featuring popular climbing spot Cheddar Gorge.

16 Dec, 2015
Exquisite! Thank you so much. Mick
16 Dec, 2015
Another Beaut Dave, fun to spot lines I've climbed as the view circulates, Stone Cold Fever looks as good from the air as it climbs :)
16 Dec, 2015
Hey Mick thanks a million for the kind words and glad you enjoyed my wee video! :-) Cheers and a very Merry Xmas to you Dave
16 Dec, 2015
Hey Ivan many thanks and I really appreciate your appreciation! Cheers and a very Merry Xmas to you :-) Dave
17 Dec, 2015
Just a quick bit of background information for anyone interested, though I suspect a lot of you folks have visited Cheddar Gorge to walk or climb over the years. Formed from carboniferous limestone, Cheddar Gorge is Britain's biggest gorge and one of the great natural wonders of the UK. It is situated on the southern edge of the Mendip Hills in Somerset and is a very popular destination for tourists, walkers, cavers and climbers alike. I am aware that quadcopter's or drones can be a bit noisy and intrusive, so I shot this video in the early morning and late evening to try to capture the best light, but also to minimise disturbing any other people in the area. Anyway I hope this video inspires a few people to pay gorgeous Cheddar a visit, whether to clip some bolts by the roadside crags or even take on the mighty Coronation Street which is indubitably one of the all time UK classic rock climbs! :-) Cheers and happy climbing Dave
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