Pik Podeba: Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger

Sakha is a region of highs, lows and little else. It?€?s home to Pik Pobeda, the highest mountain in Siberia, and where the lowest temperature in the Northern Hemisphere was recorded - a deadly -71.3C. It?€?s also the desolate and hostile landscape in which alpinists Tamara Lunger and Simone Moro found themselves in February 2018, preparing to attempt the first ever winter ascent of this 3003m frozen monolith. Hit the link in bio to discover #PobedaMovie, which chronicles their record-setting expedition in an environment that makes rescue impossible.

23 Nov, 2018
A lovely little film Enjoyed it immensely but I suspect that Simone Moro cannot be human !


24 Nov, 2018

Agreed, excellent little film. Thoroughly enjoyed that (in my warm house with a cup of hot coffee :-) )

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