Boreal Beta and Beta Eco: A great first climbing shoe at a top price

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Mountain Equipment Helium 250

Mountain Equipment Helium 250

The Beta - and the Beta Eco - are a comfortable and competitively priced shoe that would be ideal either for the beginner just starting out, or as an indoor training shoe for the more experienced climber looking for comfort. Whilst the Quattro rubber might not be quite so sticky, what it lacks in that little bit of grip it makes up for in durability.

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26 Feb

Cool video Rob.

Im enjoying the new format and editing for Gear reviews.

More shiny stuff please!

Thanks, we're pleased with how they're going.

Now I just need to find the time within my life/work schedule to do more!!

Sure there's some more shiny stuff in the pipeline though ;-)

27 Feb

Nice looking shoes. In my experience, especially with beginners and especially on indoor walls, durability trumps stickiness many times over. The number of new climbers you see with holes in the toes of their shoes is amazing. Conversely, most climbing wall holds, even small holds, are positive and rely much more on foot position than friction.

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