Jöttnar | Hard Way Up, Fast Way Down

Over the coming months J?ttnar will be launching a series of films featuring their Pro Team. The first consists of Tim Howell and Willis Morris climbing Mont Blanc du Tacul???s stunning Arete du Diable. As if climbing it weren???t enough Tim performed what is believed to be the first BASE jump off the ridgeline, then Willis went by speedwing all the way from summit to valley floor in Chamonix within the space of a few minutes.

For more on what went on behind the scenes, and how this was filmed, vist

12 Dec, 2018

Great vid, really entertaining but awful music.

Strangely I was quite indifferent to the BASE jump, which is probably the more impressive of the two, simply because the speedwing just seemed like a more practical means of descent. It'd be interested to know how long it took him to reach the valley floor, and whether or not he had to leave his pack at the top, or whether he carried it with him.

In fact, I'm so interested I'm going to see if I can find out now :-)

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