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Checking out quick descent routes...
© hwackerhage, Mar 2007
Date taken: 27th March 2007
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User Comments

Here's the original taken yesterday. We saw the climber checking out the routes on Indicator wall and he was not the only one testing the thawing cornices...
hwackerhage - 28/Mar/07Report
I've got a photo in my photo gallery of the same cornice taken on Saturday. Can't believe with the temperatures and sun that he risked it !!
donkarlo - 28/Mar/07Report
If he fell through it wouldnt be a tragedy. It would be natural selection.
willhunt - 28/Mar/07Report
Why did he have a helmet and not wear it?
Norrie Muir - 28/Mar/07Report
Absolutely silly, the mountain rescue are the ones that have to go and retreive the body of these guys, not a pleasant task i'm sure. Education needed!!!!
Tile Diver - 28/Mar/07Report
Bloody hell who is this idiot?
mac_climb - 28/Mar/07Report
Blimy - I hope you spoke to them in a stern voice ! Hey you IDIOT come back from there ... or words to that effect ... nice photo though... have to agree natual selection comments a good one
Ian McNeill - 28/Mar/07Report
What a silly twunt - climbing is difficult, falling is easy.
FJC - 29/Mar/07Report
This shuld be pic of the week! :-)
dek - 29/Mar/07Report
By the way, it is the cornice to the left of Smiths route overlooking Gardyloo gully. See:
It'll be a decent fall!
hwackerhage - 29/Mar/07Report
It's better to learn from other people's mistakes. Rather than your own!!!
Phil Sneyd - 30/Mar/07Report
"I'm sure that this is the quick way off!"
Sean Kelly - 30/Mar/07Report
Agree with willhunt - If it gave way, he's a candidate for a Darwin award.
steveP - 31/Mar/07Report
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Charles Arthur - UKC - 01/Apr/07Report
As biologist I'd call this 'natural selection'...
Gave it a 5, cause its a good pic, but its not too sharp, especially around the muppet - is that an artifact, or is the original also like that? I'd like to see a full-fat version of this.
Arjen - 01/Apr/07Report
Can we see the 'After' photo now please?!
dek - 01/Apr/07Report
Bloody Hell! You should sell that one to the next instruction book author easily enough.
Stuart en Écosse - 01/Apr/07Report
Brave or stupid, but a muppet nonetheless.
just wanna climb - 01/Apr/07Report
I like him. Kid got balls =]
Tom Hartland - 02/Apr/07Report
Bollocks, its a fake! Just zoom in on the sky around the bloke, pixels are patterned differently from the background photo... If you'd have just blurred the sky and toned down the contrast nobody would ever have noticed.
Nick Beckett - 04/Apr/07Report
I have been know to be wrong from time to time though!
Nick Beckett - 04/Apr/07Report
Hi Nick,
a) I can happily send you the original if you want to check whether its real. It was reduced in size with PhotoBase 4.5 (Panasonic programme).
b) Yesterday we were climbing on Indicator wall. When we did the Satanic verses corner someone else stood again on the cornice taking photos of us climbing. The guy is not the only one who has done it!
hwackerhage - 04/Apr/07Report
Is that erik a looking for somwhere to practice abseiling?
Phil Payne - 04/Apr/07Report
"checking out quick descent routes..." quality!
MRJ - 04/Apr/07Report
doing things like this has nothing to do with having balls or beeing brave...because if u fall or not, it's not ypur decision, it's not depending on your physical condition , on your experience or something like that...
it's just luck or not...
nothing but an idiot or a fake:-)
docdante - 06/Apr/07Report
It's certainly not a fake - unfortunately, people ARE that stupid! We had a similar experience 15 years ago climbing up Helvellyn with an audience of about eight watching us from a large cornice! How they managed not to break through I'm not sure but when we pointed out where they were stood and the dangers we became heroes of the day and they were very thankful if somewhat embarrassed.
Ian Roberts - 07/Apr/07Report
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Charles Arthur - UKC - 08/Apr/07Report
Ya.. he should be wearing his helmet alright, that way body removal won't involve collecting so many peices, his brains will all be in one bucket (not that he has a lot)
skinner_ab - 09/Apr/07Report
Jon_Warner - 09/Apr/07Report
It is difficult to imagine anything more daft.
Yes, a fantastic photo, but what a pity UKC has published it. There is bound to be a little "let's try it" reaction. I am not sure that the BMC would publish such an irresponsible picture.
It goes against everything that mountaineering stands for.
Can somebody tell me why the exhibitionist is holding his helmet in his hand?
Geoff Tyson
Geoffrey Tyson - 10/Apr/07Report
It was originally put up as a 'don't be like this wally' pic than a 'look how close he can get' pic. But then everyone started chatting about artifacts, blurring, contrast etc and lost me lol!
nikinko - 10/Apr/07Report
One assumes he's English....
bergalia - 15/Apr/07Report
Nick - the blurring and speckles aroung the guy are a result of JPEG compression. It tends to do that where there are sharp high contrast edges...
bishopaj - 16/Apr/07Report
A likely candidate for a Darwin Award at darwin awards.com.....
icescrew - 16/Apr/07Report
I want to see the pictures of him jumping up and down on it ......Fooking Idjute
Martin Morgan - 19/Apr/07Report
what a goon, even so... he has guts, i'll give him that.
its like playing 'chicken' but with a cornice :P
munro - 20/Apr/07Report
Of course he's not wearing a helmet.
He's doen the route, nothing's going to land on his head now!
Alex Pryor @ work - 17/May/07Report
its time to start the music, its time to light the lights, its time to get things started on the muppet show tonight.
nuff said.
A Crook - 11/Aug/07Report
Any chance you can blow this up a bit so we can see who it is?
Mr Justice Cocklecarrot - 16/Oct/07Report
silly bugger. even i am not that daft and i dont do winter climbing (yet). Rerun of Kasparek on Salcantay methinks or Buhl on Cogolisa...
otziiceman - 28/Oct/07Report
badpants - 24/Dec/07Report
Great photo!!
MorganPreece - 05/Feb/09Report
Maybe he had a parachute stashed under there. The only thing missing is Mel Gibson turning up with some handcuffs ready to jump with him, Lethal Weapon 5 right there. I wonder if this guy is still alive. Could have killed people climbing up. You kind of want to interview the guy.
jimorothy - 23/Feb/09Report
He's chicken! Nowhere near the real edge!
Trangia - 29/Jun/09Report
I don't know the cornice specifically, but is there any chance he didn't realise he was actually stood in the position he is in?
chrisprescott - 05/Feb/10Report
Chris, you're getting to my wavelength. Everyone saying it a cornice, very lateral thinking. Is there no possibility that the guy actually stood on some snowed overhanging rock near the edge. When I walk along the edge of a cornice, if I see rock sticking out, I know it's rock underneath I'm walking on, not cornice. Maybe that's the case for that location. Have you guys thought about that yet?
Skinny Kin - 05/Apr/10Report
In this it looks like the rock sticks out a long way (in-front of the helicopter). I think he's still over the rock.
PeterJuggler - 05/Aug/10Report
lol rock on man! awesome picture
kayakingash - 18/Nov/10Report
Inexperienced climber obviously surely they do teach awareness of cornices up north.
halo - 04/Dec/10Report
The runout is'nt too clever below there!! Unbluddybeliveable.
jt002e2762 - 03/Jan/12Report
My Tyrolean of a few pupils over the Dubh- Thearlaich gap in the 70's is child's play in comparison;excuse the pun. I await prosecution.
jcolton - 26/Jun/13Report
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