Young Climbers...Your Chance To Get Sponsored By Scarpa

A couple of years ago we ran the immensely popular S-Factor competetition. Well, S-Factor is back by popular demand...

Scarpa and Climb Newcastle, in conjunction with CLIMB magazine, are offering the opportunity for two climbers aged between 16–25 to join our new youth academy.

Each Academy member will receive...

  • A year in the life of a sponsored hero with a substantial product placement contract including: Rock shoes, approach shoes and supporting accessories
  • Expert coaching and commercial guidance from Andy Earl professional climbing coach and three times British bouldering champion
  • Attendance at Scarpa team meetings and an opportunity to climb with and learn from the above Pro stars
  • A year's free access to Climb Newcastle

We are looking for young and talented climbers, but above all, great personalities that can become brand ambassadors.

If you think you've got what it takes to become a sponsored climber, keep your eyes peeled to the Scarpa UK website, the March issue of CLIMB Magazine and for info on how to enter. Better get training!!!

For more information visit Mountain Boot Company

10 Feb, 2010
Nice message for the kids, screw climbing for fun look you can do it for money.
10 Feb, 2010
Your a kid yourself.. get on it!
10 Feb, 2010
I think you will find that those who attempt to climb professionally also do it for fun. Please also note that there are numerous levels of sponsorship, the vast majority do not involve payment but gear-only sponsorship. The S-factor has been and is a great opportunity for some young climbers to take it to the next level if they wish. They get some gear, learn about the industry and get some great coaching and mentorship. It also promotes Scarpa of course. What's the problem? Mick
11 Feb, 2010
I have no dislike of scarpa, you mick or any of the people being sponsored. I think you are right this is a great chance for 1 or 2 people to enhance how hard they climb. My problem is simply that by having climbers sponsored you accept that climbing should follow a neo-liberal agenda, trickle down economics etc. Which I don't sit easily with as I believe climbing really should be its own thing, which people don't approach for the sake of making money but for the sake of having fun. I believe if you accept that climbing should have a neo-liberal agenda then there should be no beef with this.
11 Feb, 2010
^ does that just sound silly to you I don't think I've expressed it very well ^
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