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Over the summer and autumn, DMM has reinvested over £250,000 in the company, to improve efficiency and support product development. Technical Director, Fred Hall, explained: “In engineering, as with any other business, it's important to keep up with and take advantage of technological change.”

Two new CNC (computer numerical control) machines have been installed with delivery of two more expected soon. These are faster cutting machines with greater reliability and refined 'fixturing/work holding' to reduce the load times. DMM are also using a state-of-the-art Mazak Multiplex 6200 – Mk IIY CNC machine with gantry robot. To give an idea of this machine's productivity, it can take a 2.5 cm thick disc of aluminium and turn it into the complex shape of a nearly finished Rigging Hub in 6.5 minutes.

Another recently completed project that began in April this year was upgrading the test-tower and relocating it indoors. This testing facility is a very important resource for product development. The advantages of no longer being affected by the weather when wanting to test kit are obvious and warmly welcomed.

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19 Nov, 2012
Impressive hole created for the test tower! Shame DMM could not comply with the Working at Height Regulations while installing it!!
21 Nov, 2012
Has DMM looked at additive manufacturing? Is it still too immature or do you see a future of bizarre light shapes being made this way?

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