Polartec NeoShell - A New Breathable and Waterproof Fabric

Polartec have announced the launch of NeoShell®, the most breathable waterproof fabric available on the market today. NeoShell will appear in Fall 2011 collections from some of the best outdoor apparel brands in the world including 66 North, Mammut, Marmot, Montura, Rab, The North Face, Vaude and Westcomb.

Rab Stretch Neo Jacket

What is it?

Polartec NeoShell is completely waterproof (10,000mm) but unlike most hardshells on the market today with zero airflow, NeoShell allows actual air permeability (0.5 CFM or 2 l/m2/sec). Even a tiny amount of air permeability, imperceptible from a wind chill standpoint, accelerates moisture vapor transport significantly. While traditional shell fabrics require heat and pressure to build inside the garment before the membrane begins to work, Polartec NeoShell breathes actively thanks to an exclusive sub-micron fiber membrane with unprecedented air permeability. Here's a diagram for you visual learners out there.

NeoShell Diagram

Big Shoes to Fill

This launch comes on the heels of the introduction of Polartec Power Shield Pro that won three “Gear of the Year” awards this fall. We are overhauling expectations for outerwear performance and creating a much drier, less steamy experience for technical users. The momentum is exciting for us, and we are eager for NeoShell to hit the market so our consumers can give it a shot.

Liberating Adventurers from Terrible Conditions

Ok, it's not solitary confinement, but being stuck outside in layers that never dry, stay cold and wet, or never breathe enough to cool you off after a tough slog is still pretty brutal. You zip and unzip, layer and delayer, hat on, hat off. The awkward dance of a miserable athlete. With NeoShell, we aim to free you from the annoyances that you have considered for so long to come with the territory. Check out what cold baselayers have done to tele superstar Nick Devore.

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