New Waterproof Fabric - Mountain Hardwear's 'Dry Q'

Mountain Hardwear invited out to the alps to test their new waterproof fabric - Dry Q. The fabric was put through its paces high above the alpine village of La Grave and although no scientific tests were conducted, good old fashioned gear testing was the name of the game - and test we did. Everyone who was out on the hill wearing the fabric came down satisfied that this new material was definitely fit for purpose - a great addition to the already large number of waterproof textiles on the market.

The fabric range - Dry Q - will be available from autumn 2011 onwards. Below is the press release from Mountain Hardwear about their new family of fabrics.

VIDEO: Behind the Mountain Hardwear Brand

Mountain Hardwear have launched Dry Q - and they invited loads of outdoor journalists to test it.
© UKC Gear


Mountain Hardwear, a leader in technical outdoor apparel, equipment and accessories, announces the launch of Dry.Q, a new family of waterproof-breathable technologies.

  • Total Waterproof Protection
  • Highest Breathability Standards
  • Unique and Sport Specific Designs

Traditional waterproof-breathable fabrics do a good job of keeping the water outside from getting in. But until now, no one's figured out how to keep you from getting wet on the inside. Introducing Dry.Q, the first waterproof-breathable system focused on keeping you dry and comfortable - inside and out.

François Lombard, French competition climbing hero, guiding journalists testing Dry Q  © UKC Gear
François Lombard, French competition climbing hero, guiding journalists testing Dry Q
© UKC Gear
Dry Q is much more breathable than other fabrics according to Mountain Hardwear  © UKC Gear
Dry Q is much more breathable than other fabrics according to Mountain Hardwear
© UKC Gear

Dry Q

Meet the DryQ Family

Dry Q Elite Dry.Q Elite

For users who are continually pushing their own Human Potential in Alpine environments.

Traditional waterproof-breathable systems work by moving moisture out through the shell fabric. the trouble is, you have to get hot before they start working. That means waiting until you're clammy and damp before the breathability kicks in.

Dry.Q Elite doesn't make you wait. It's air-permeable membrane allows air - not just moisture - to pass outward through the fabric. That always-on air flow won't wait for you to get hot first. With Dry.Q, breathability and comfort starts the moment you put on your jacket.

Dry Q Active Dry.Q Active

Designed for high intensity, forward motion activities.

Introducing lightweight stretch performance for Active Sports! High-output activities require high-performance clothing. Waterproof-breathable protection combined with stretchy, lightweight materials, and body-mapped designs minimize drag, weight and bulk, and maximize freedom of movement.

By combining the functionality of performance clothing with the protection of an alpine-proven, waterproof-breathable system, Dry.Q Active lets athletes push aerobic sports deeper into the backcountry.

Dry Q Core Dry.Q Core

Designed to meet the demands across a broad spectrum of users.

Dry.Q is our core waterproof-breathable technology with performance standards that meet or exceed industry standards for durability of windproofness, waterproofness and breathability. Designed to last, it's the only waterproof-breathable that's been extensively tested to ensure the durability of it's breathability.

Versatile enough to work with the lightweight fabrics in our Mountain series and extremely durable trekking and backpacking shells, Dry.Q also excels in day-to-day rainwear.

Testing the Dry Q from Mountain Hardwear in an alpine environment - La Grave
© UKC Gear

Testing the Dry Q fabric at La Grave, France.
© UKC Gear

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18 Apr, 2011
Nice pics of sunny La Grave. Any info. on how this fabric's breathability would be in the particularly unAlpine British climate of wetness and moisture?
18 Apr, 2011
Is the red pack a new model? Is there any information available on it?
19 Apr, 2011
im a huge mhw fan, loved their conduit, have dealth with them a little and always found them a happy bunch. but thats gotta be the lamest press release ever. how cheesy are the fabric subtitles? im sure its great stuff - mhw usually come out good with their innovations (tho there have been exceptions), but the silly techno-speak and crappy video needs work. if they pay me in shiny gear i will do it:) (that red packs just a scrambler, been around a while. endorsed by ueli n all)
19 Apr, 2011
genious marketing, advertising a new waterproof material using photos of people climbing in sunny blue skies.
19 Apr, 2011
Completely agree with all the above posts....what a rubbish press release!
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