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Patagonia – Cordillera Blanca
January 3rd – July 1st 

Take a big red specially converted climbing expedition vehicle.
Add 20 – 25 climbers from all over the world.
Head off across the globe.
Stop off at the best established climbing areas in 
Africa, South America or Asia.
Develop new crags as we pass
And be part of local cultures where ever we go.

That’s Hot Rock.

In January 2015 Hot Rock will be back in South America, cragging our way through what is quite possibly the greatest climbing continent in the world.

Thanks to the enormous effort put in by Hot Rockers over the past few trips, crashing their way through South America (quite literally sometimes), bolting new lines, cleaning new routes, getting scared on big walls, and discovering new crags and boulders we now have a comprehensive itinerary of the best of the best.

The trip will be starting off in Argentina and rumbling ever northwards through the outstanding scenery of Chile, experiencing the diverse culture and adventurous high altitude road networks of Bolivia before crossing Lake Titicaca and entering Peru, home to the amazing Hatun Machay and towering peaks of the Cordillera Blanca, (Machu Picchu isn’t bad either!).

This will quite possibly be the best climbing, the most climbing and the most adventurous climbing that you will ever do. We’ll keep each other psyched, get those projects ticked, lay siege to big walls and maybe, just maybe, you will get your own slice of history and put up a new route in a far flung corner of the world for others to enjoy.

So this is an invite to you all, the world of climbers, JOIN US, the great unwashed, the climbing dirtbags, the cragrats. The truck leaves in January. Be on it and become one of us. The Hot Rockers!

If this sounds good, visit the expedition website and get in touch. There are a limited number of spaces on the Big Red Truck so secure your seat!

Expedition overview:

The January 2015 expedition details are as follows:
The trip is divided into convenient stages - but you can also start and end pretty much where you want...(as long as they have an airport/transport links etc)

Stage 1 - January 3rd to March 3rd 2015 

Cordoba - Bariloche
*Crags/highlights on the hit list but not limited to include;

La Ola 
Los Arenales
Bariloche (local)
Piedra Parada (petzl 2012 rock tour destination)
El Chalten/ Tierra del Fuego/ Fitzroy & Cerro Torre Group
Catedral Frey

Stage 2 - February 18th to April April 14th

Bariloche - Santiago
*Crags/highlights on the hit list but not limited to include;

Catedral Frey
Valle Encantado
Valle Cochamo
Valle de las los Condores
Cajon de Maipo

Stage 3 - April 14th to July 1st

Santiago - Lima
*Crags/highlights on the hit list but not limited to include;

Las Chilcas
San Pedro de Atacama/ Sociare
Solar de Uyuni (we are going to cross the largest salt flat in the world)!!
La Paz ( + Surrounding peaks/crags)
Cuzco/ Machu pichu 
Huaraz/ Cordillera Blanca
Hatun Machay

Thats the overall picture but if you have particular dates/objectives/ etc we can facilitate. 

As a rough guide, to join the expedition start - finish (6 months) will cost £4706. 

That will include:
Fully equipped expedition vehicle as well as the services of a driver and expedition leader

All travel on the truck

All road tolls and taxes

Breakfast and evening meals 

Accommodation (bring your own tent)

National Parks (where we can climb)

Not included:

Optional non-climbing activities

Lunches & drinks (other than water, obviously)

Visas, Travel Insurance, Flights, etc

Any other questions/info needed just get in touch! 

Tom & Jon

For more information visit Hot Rock

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