Arc'teryx Lakeland Revival and Big Mountain Weekend Return Press Release

Arc'teryx Big Mountain Weekend

Want to learn or advance your outdoor and mountain skills or try something completely new? The Big Mountain Weekend is back and better than ever!

Taking place from the 3rd - 5th May at the Sticklebarn in Langdale to launch the Arc'teryx Lakeland Revival. The event aims to educate, share and improve skills necessary for enjoying the mountains and crags safely.

The weekend will be based around a series of clinics, the majority headed up by British Mountain Guides from the International School of Mountaineering. With the introduction of nine new clinics ranging from wild swimming to trail running it promises to be bigger, better and more adventurous than 2018.

Ticket go on sale 1st March.

To view and book clinics and for more information CLICK HERE

Arc'teryx Lakeland Revival

"Climb the hidden classics of the Lakes"

For the sixth year running the Arc'teryx Lakeland Revival will take place in the historic Lake District National Park, the birth place of British trad climbing. From the 4th May until the 31st August 2019 participants will be invited to climb the suggested routes put together by Fell & Rock Climbing Club.

To get involved participants must collect a route card from one of the designated retailers (Needle Sports, George Fisher or the Sticklebarn) and climb one of the suggested routes, whilst ensuring they snap some evidence of the crag or selfie photo. Once completed they can then return to a retailer and exchange the route card for an Arc'teryx T-shirt or beanie, Nikwax products or Beta Climbing goodies.

To view the Route Cards CLICK HERE

Follow all the latest Big Mountain Weekend and Lakeland Revival updates on social media with #lakelandrevival.

For more information visit visit

28 Feb, 2019

A great weekend to go elsewhere and a list of routes to avoid.

Thanks for the heads up.

28 Feb, 2019

I've participates in previous years, and have never seen anyone else on any of the routes (excluding the ones that are trade routes so will have queues in any case). The vegetation on one of them showed that it hadn't been climbed at all for many months, possibly longer.

The thing that put me off last year and will put me off again this year is the need to collect a route card from one of the shops in advance - not really feasible if you're visiting from elsewhere.

Do you have an auto-generator for these sorts of comments? For what it's worth, I preferred your post from last year - there's a bit more suspense.

Fantastic! Looks to be a great weekend.

To go elsewhere

On the flip-side I'd like to offer a shout to Katy Whittaker, who rather than sit behind her keyboard writing cynical remarks online has actually gone out to organise an event that introduces people to the outdoors, encourages people to explore an area, encourage best practise, and most of all - have fun. If that isn't enough, she's managed to achieve this whilst being heavily pregnant (she's due next week).

Still, big up to the man that can nay-say online - where would we be without him...

Hi Simon,

I just brought this up with Katy, who offered the following words of wisdom:

"You can download / print them from the website before, or fill them in at the shop after climbing (so you don’t strictly have to pick one up before going out climbing). That said, if you want a freebie you'd have to visit the shop after climbing. If not then it doesn’t really matter about filling one in. The shops are George Fisher and Needle Sports in Keswick and the Sticklebarn in Langdale."

Here's a link to the relevant page:

Hope that helps!

28 Feb, 2019

Aw my very own cyber stalker, how sweet. Xx

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