Alpkit Big Shakeout 2011 in the Peak District

Alpkit has teamed up with Thornbridge Outdoors to present the Big Shakeout adventure festival, right in the very heart of the Peak District. It combines inspiration and perspiration over a diverse range of courses and experiences in the School of Adventure, before kicking back in the evenings for a mix of music, films and lectures at the Big Shakeout Hub.

The School of Adventure is about trying something new without having to commit to a whole weekend course, whether that is playing as a family, or tinkering with your bike. With everything from first aid to high ropes to caving, there are plenty of options available for the whole family to do as much, or as little, as they like. At the Big Shakeout there is something for everyone but with a common goal to bring a bunch of like-minded people together and have a great time doing what we love, and learning to love something new.

Places on these courses will be limited so you'll need to be quick.

Big Shakeout 2011

Brave enough to get into the head of a Psycho-Vertical? Andy Kirkpatrick will immerse you in a day of aid climbing and anecdotes, in his own inimitable style of course!

If you have ever thought what declumsification was all about, there is only one way to find out and that is to spend a day with the legend Johnny Dawes as he explains all he knows.

Planning your first forays into the Big Wall style and booked your flights to Yosemite? Top Alpkit athlete Pete Rhodes will run through everything you need to be thinking about.

Improve your bouldering skills with masterclasses from two of the UK's best, Shauna Coxsey and James Garden. Top climbing photographer Lukasz Warzecha will be offering snap shots into how best capture the bouldering action

Got into trouble, or want to know how not to? Ever wondered how to do a self-rescue or escape the system? Well top ropeman Ed Chard will teach you... ahem... the ropes. Or ever wondered what you would do if you came across an accident in the hills, or how to prepare for an expedition? Spend a full day of First Aid action with two of our best mountain medicine men Mike Mowbray and Andy Clark.

Many are familiar with Keith Sharples annual climbing calendar, but for the Big Shakeout he's heading underground to run caving photography sessions if the subterranean world is more up your ally and you want to learn how to capture it best.

Check out the website for more information and the full range of activities.

Dates: October 14/15/16th October 2011. Location: Thornbridge Outdoor centre, Great Longstone.

For more information visit Alpkit

3 Aug, 2011
really good last year!

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