Arctic Adventures Iceland Winter 2020 vacancies. Jobs

Arctic Adventures Iceland Winter 2020 vacancies.

Arctic Adventures (Iceland) is hiring for the upcoming winter 2019/20 season, with vacancies covering glacier hiking, ice caves, driving, snowmobile excursions, driving, as well as various hospitality and catering roles. If you sign up to the website, you'll receive notifications when new vacancies are posted in future.

Takk takk!

Apply and find out more here.

For more information visit Arctic Adventures

21 Aug

Seems difficult to find out what the pay is for these roles.

21 Aug

Bigger issue is the minimum requirement

"You are legally entitled to live and work in Iceland (nationals of EU/EEA countries or same rights.)"

So that counts out any UK people.

22 Aug

That's strange. Because, last time I checked, the UK was definitely in the EU.

I asked Francesco the pay for this role and was met by the response ‘last question I answer in the recruitment process’. This is not helpful for a person considering Whether this is a financially viable options.

Could you provide the pay rate please?

28 Aug

I'm guessing the answer is one that isn't worth giving and would put off 90% of applicants, hence not wanting publishing it.

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