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I grew up with a background in sport, competing in gymnastics and then rugby from an early age. I got into climbing when I was around 14 or 15. Straight away I knew that I was in love with the sport, I bought some shoes and a chalk bag and ended up going down to a local beach everyday after school for months just climbing around on some choss but it taught me a lot about climbing and I then 6 months later I’d climbed my first Font 7C, shortly afterward I managed my first Font 7C+’s and 8A’s.

I then discovered sport climbing when I first visited Anstey’s Cove with good friend Jamie Parffrey and Lewis Richardson, Lewis was trying the classic Cider Soak 8a and I knew instantly that I wanted to get involved with a route like this, even after doing 8A boulders, the thought of doing an 8a route seemed tricky. Cider Soak ended up taking a fair amount of time but I didn’t know much about reappointing at the time so I used to just fall off the last move, lower down, tie back in and have another burn. Often having around 10-15 redpoints in a session. Cider Soak went down, a couple of months later I ended up doing New Power Generation 8b in Gorges du Loup.


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Scarpa Little Terra kid's boot

If you don't want to put the kids off walking for life, then make sure their boots are easy on the feet. These little brown boots score big in that regard, and our junior reviewer has been keen to wear them everywhere from summits to school.

Scarpa Cyclone GTX Walking Boot

The Scarpa Cyclone GTX is a solid 3-season walking boot featuring a distinctive exoskeleton to give support and stability. It's been brilliant for rough moorland walks over the last few months, says Theo Moore, and feels like it will last another 10 years (or...

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX

Now in its seventh version, the Manta remains a benchmark mountain boot in the B2 category, and should equally appeal to mountaineers and winter hillwalkers. This is a robust and unashamedly chunky boot, says Dan Bailey, and while you'll find lighter models, and others...

Scarpa Kalipe

They are not the most technical approach shoe on the market, and their shallow tread could prove a worry on steep grass, but the Kalipe's...

Scarpa Spin Ultra

Offering generous levels of cushioning and support in a surprisingly lightweight package, the Spin Ultra should be equally at home on long...

Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX

A traditional leather mountain boot with modern refinements, Tom Ripley thinks the updated Mont Blanc Pro GTX would be a good choice...

Scarpa R-Evo GTX

"A non-techy walking boot that can eat the miles without chewing your feet up too, the R-Evo is built for comfort" reckons Dan Bailey...

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New Footwear Spring/Summer '21

In the absence of any trade show this year, we've created our own. Normally, shows tend to focus on products hitting the market in 6 months to a year, but we've asked brands to talk about the new kit available now. In this first round u...

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX

The Scarpa Manta has been an icon for over three decades. As a multi award winning model in various generations it has represented the "benchmark" in 4 season Mountain boots. Evolving over many generations, the new Manta Tech represents the 7th incarnation in a...

ISPO 2020 - New Footwear

We spent earlier this week catching up with brands at the big winter gearfest: ISPO. Despite the fact the show was quieter than usual, this in no way detracted from the quality of the clobber on show and hitting the shops in the near future. Below is a roundup...

Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX

The Mt Blanc Pro is a warm and durable boot designed for technical mountaineering and winter climbing. The new Mt Blanc Pro is...

OutDoor 2019 - New Climbing Shoes and Footwear

We're just back from the annual summer gear-fest that is the OutDoor trade show. As Europe sweltered in the...

The Scarpa Zero Gravity Collection

The Zero Gravity (ZG) family of product represents a new class of product for Scarpa, designed around a fluid and dynamic...

ISPO 2019 - New Footwear and Packs

The annual ISPO trade show, which brings the world's outdoor industry together under one roof (or a series of gigantic...

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