Free Camping Films for When You Can't Go Camping

© Murray Wilkie

We all love a good wild camp, but for the last few weeks a tent in the garden has had to do - assuming you're lucky enough to have a garden at all. So here's some vicarious tent-based pleasure to help keep you sane and spark plans for the post-lockdown future.

Back Garden Adventures

This is what we're reduced to, but wife-and-husband team On the Adventure Trails-Scotland seem determined to find the fun in our current confinement.

Summit Camp Aurora

A summit camp on Beinn Alligin for prolific mountain film maker Murray Wilkie. It's a stunning location at the best of times, but doubly so with an aurora to add some northern soul. We're dreaming of summit camps post-lockdown...

Four days on the Cumbria Way

"In four days I hiked 77 miles, wild camped in some beautiful locations and enjoyed a little bit of landscape photography" says Thomas Heaton.

It's a long film, but he's an engaging presenter and gives a good feel for this classic long distance route through the heart of the Lake District. And we like his formula for calculating 'Youtube miles' versus 'hiker miles' [a phenomenon gear reviewers will also be familiar with!].

Solo bushcraft

"I got caught in a crazy storm on the last days of my winter bushcraft camping trip" says film maker Nagualero. "Storm Ciara had passed the previous week or so. I was eager to get out but little did I know storm Dennis was on its way..."

It's an unusual one, with no dialogue or voiceover, but quietly mesmerising and immersive as a result.

Wild Camp at Angle Tarn

A chilly autumn night at a classic camping spot above Patterdale.

"The evening was pretty freezing and it ended up blowing a gale all night" says film maker Athena Mellor. "But nothing beats wild camping, whatever the weather, and we were in the most beautiful location."

Remote Corbetts

Walk With Wallace and friends head off-grid to bag the remote Killilan Corbetts, Sguman Coinntich, Faochaig & Aonach Buidhe. Two wild camps and a visit to Maol Bhuidhe bothy - looks a stunner of a trip.

Whiteout - Alone in a Swedish Winter

We're feeling cold just thinking about it, but here's proof from Erik Normark that the most memorable experiences aren't always the most comfortable.

Buachaille Bivvy

We're with the On the Adventure Trails-Scotland duo again for a stirring night out on the Big Herdsman of Etive. Now this is more like it!

"The sun was cracking the earth's shell and giving us the most powerful and slightly emotional sunrise we could have wished for. Now, to say I've been excited and waiting for a perfect cloud inversion for quite some time would be an understatement!"

Sunset, Sunrise and a Bear in the North Cascades

The highest camp site in America's stunning North Cascades National Park, high winds, a gruelling ascent... and a bear encounter.

"This was one photography adventure I will never forget" says film maker Thomas Heaton.

Scorchio on Harrison Stickle

A sunny summer summit camp in a stunning location above Langdale for Christian Rouse and pal. Wish we were there!

Getting Closer to the Heavens

Back to Murray Wilkie for the finale, camping up another Scottish hill. But this is more than just another summit sleep.

"Before my mum, Elizabeth Wilkie, passed in April of this year, she wrote me a letter" he says. "I said that I wanted to keep it, and read it when I was as close to the heavens as I could get."

In this moving short film, he takes the letter up a Glen Coe mountain on a perfect summer evening...

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