BMC AGM Results - 92% Option A, Lynn Robinson President

In the battle between the two proposed BMC constitutional changes, the membership voted overwhelmingly for Option/Proposal A - 92% in favour out of nearly 7000 votes - at the AGM in Kendal this weekend. 6% voted Option B and 2% against both choices, in what was the largest ever vote at a BMC AGM. Lynn Robinson was voted in, becoming the first ever female BMC President, and John Roberts was elected as the new Vice President.

Lynn Robinson - the BMC's first female President., 139 kb
Lynn Robinson - the BMC's first female President.
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Emma Flaherty, Graham Richmond, Simon McCalla, Matthew Bradbury, Roger Fanner, Rik Payne and Will Kilner were all re-elected as BMC directors. Amanda Parshall became the new BMC independent director. Acting President Nick Kurth received a round of thanks for his "unstinting dedication" and the "incredible amount of work" he has undertaken over the last year.

A photo of the final vote tallies., 214 kb
A photo of the final vote tallies.
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A well-attended AGM, and nearly 7000 votes cast., 217 kb
A well-attended AGM, and nearly 7000 votes cast.
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John Roberts: the new BMC Vice President., 156 kb
John Roberts: the new BMC Vice President.
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Amanda Parshall becomes new BMC independent director., 238 kb
Amanda Parshall becomes new BMC independent director.
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Read a UKC interview with Lynn.

Here's a reminder of the two options below. Further details and a PDF download on the Option A proposal can be found in this BMC article.

AGM proposal Option A – as recommended by the BMC National Council (winning option)

Key points:

Would put in place a high level of governance in the BMC which better defines roles of National Council and the Board of Directors, ensuring clear lines of accountability and decision making, and much improved organisational transparency.

Would ensure continued government recognition of the BMC's status as the umbrella body for mountaineering, and continued eligibility for Sports Council funding for the BMC and its partners.

Requires members to accept the need for modernisation and change and for the Board of Directors to have greater operational responsibility than is currently the case.

Andy Syme presents the case for Option A., 191 kb
Andy Syme presents the case for Option A.
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AGM proposal Option B – as was recommended by J.Booth and supporters

Key points:

Simple and makes minimal changes to the current constitution, so the BMC would continue to operate much as it does today.

Members would have a similar degree of control over the BMC (via National Council) as they do today.

Would require less organisational change but would create uncertainties over the availability of Sport England grant funding for the BMC and partner organisations

Read a full report on the AGM by the BMC.

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