Montane withdraws from BMC Discount Scheme

The BMC have announced that their recently signed discount scheme deal with outdoor clothing brand Montane will be withdrawn. A statement posted on the BMC website today from Terry Stephenson, Head of Marketing at Montane, explains that the brand has reconsidered the arrangement in order to support independent retailers. Montane's relationship to the BMC will now be 'recommended clothing and pack partner.'

Montane reconsiders its BMC discount scheme., 157 kb
Montane reconsiders its BMC discount scheme.

Terry's statement reads as follows:

"In recent years, independent retailers have operated in an increasingly turbulent and crowded marketplace. Since 1993, Montane has been supported and nurtured by a network of UK independent retailers, so we have listened carefully to their concerns and have amended the scheme to support them.

"Montane is committed to our partnership with the BMC and we are still delighted to be recognised as their recommended clothing and pack partner, but discounted rates to BMC members or volunteers will come to an end at midnight on Sunday 12 November 2017. We would like to apologise for this withdrawal, but believe the revised scheme will better support a thriving and fair retail landscape in the UK – and we know the BMC membership will understand the importance of that."

The current 20% discount scheme will end at midnight on Sunday 12th November.

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That depends on what it is. In some markets there's an expectation of discounts e.g. sofas or cars. I don't think Montane and BMC are large enough to set expectations in the market. The leaders set the customer...
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I'm not sure how this would work in practice, though? If you make "insurance inclusive" an option then I can't see how they're going to offer it cheaper than the current cost of membership plus insurance,...

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