Lakeland Bothy Gets Revamp

Dubs Hut has undergone improvement work at the hands of the Mountain Bothies Association. The small open shelter, which is situated at 1600 feet above Honister Pass, was formerly dank and spartan, but should now prove more welcoming to walkers.

Dubs Hut - it gets a lot of weather, 143 kb
Dubs Hut - it gets a lot of weather

"When we first became involved" say the MBA, "the building could best be described as soulless and unwelcoming with a roof that leaked heavily and with no fire or cooking facilities. Our volunteers have put in many days of hard work restoring the stonework and making the bothy more accommodating, including fitting a new stove. As always, we are hugely grateful for their efforts."

The final part of the project, to reslate the roof, has now been completed by a professional team from Northern Roofing Services of Carlisle.

"We are very grateful to the Honister Slate Mine Company who own the building for their generosity in allowing us to maintain it as an open shelter and for all of the assistance that they have provided during the restoration project, including the provision of slates" say the MBA.

"We would also like to thank the Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust who generously donated funding towards the cost of the project, and to Caterite who donated refreshments for our volunteers."

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