EU Referendum - Please Register to Vote

Today is the last day you can register to vote in the EU Referendum. This is really important for many reasons which will affect us all so please take the trouble to register to vote if you are eligible and haven't already.

Register to vote

This is very different to a general election where voting can sometimes seem worthless. This time every vote counts and it will count for much longer than the five years of a parliament.

The impact will be extreme and profound if we vote to leave and I am happy to declare that I am firmly for staying IN the EU. For me the only thing worse than voting 'leave' is not voting at all when you could have done.

I am sure most people are sick to death of the arguments. The standard of debate has been poor for sure. If you are undecided and need some persuasion then here are four videos that get to the point in a more intelligent way than much of the rhetoric that has been going around. If you feel strongly about staying in Europe then please share this item on Facebook.

For a simple explanation of the way trade deals work: 


Those coming from a left wing perspective and thinking that they might vote leave:


A very clear account of immigration and how it works:


And finally, the most important issue which Gordon Brown puts very well in this video:


So please make sure you register to vote and use your vote on June 23rd.

Register to vote


Alan James, Director UKClimbing and Rockfax

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