Julia Bradbury Backs Coast-to-Coast Campaign

TV walker Julia Bradbury has lent her support to a drive to fund repairs on Wainwright's classic Coast-to-Coast route.

Julia Bradbury, 106 kb

Over four decades after its inception the trail has become a victim of its own success, with some stretches showing signs of severe wear and tear. One of the worst sections is at Nine Standards Rigg above Kirkby Stephen, where the ground is so churned up that local mountain rescuers have apparently on occasion had to free walkers stuck up to their waist in peat glop.

A new project initiated by the North Pennines AONB Partnership, in collaboration with local charity The Friends of the North Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, aims to raise money through crowdfunding to restore this stretch of the path with a new flagstone surface.

The Crowdfunding model is all the rage, it seems, with the BMC having launched their own path repairs campaign only yesterday (see news here).

'I am delighted that the North Pennines AONB Partnership is planning to start a Crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the renovation and ongoing maintenance of the trail itself' said Julia Bradbury, who walked the route as part of her popular BBC TV series. 

'This type of fundraising tends to bring together like-minded people and fellow travellers who will support this particularly wonderful walk in any way they can and are lovers of our great British countryside.'

Money raised will go to pay contractors to helicopter in stone flags to lay a new path, while staff and volunteers will revegetate the rest of the damaged peat.


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