Video: Miles Away by Dave MacLeod

Dave MacLeod may be best known for his climbing exploits, but he is a talented film maker too. Miles Away follows Alicia Hudelson running in some stunning bits of Switzerland and Catalunya. It may be short and sweet, but it really manages to convey the joy of hill running.

'I filmed it on a climbing trip with Alicia' says Dave.

'She spends more time running than climbing and is always running on the rest days from climbing. I have had my drone for six months and have been gathering footage of different mountain activities since then, so was really keen to shoot Alicia running in the brilliant places we were in. Alicia was great in being happy to spend a good while waiting for me to get as good a shot as I could. But the continental weather made it a lot easier than the usual Scottish conditions! Alicia really has perfected the ‘running holiday’. She has so many great tales from her adventures all over the world - it would be great to film them.'

'I’ve mostly been gathering aerial footage of the Ben Nevis and Glen Nevis area for a series of films I’m making for the Nevis Landscape Partnership about those places. The first one I made was great fun chasing after geologists and botanists as they explored the dark corners of the north face last summer (see here). The aerial stuff is just great, I love it! There’s a wee bit in this clip as well.' 


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