Javed Bhatti Runs Pennine Way Winter Double

Last week Javed Bhatti was one of only 24 runners to complete the 2016 Montane Spine Race along the length of the Pennine Way. Now he has just re-run the whole route in reverse, possibly the first person ever to do two Pennine Ways back-to-back in winter.

Javed Bhatti  © Javed Bhatti

Billed as Britain's most brutal competitive run, the Montane Spine Race follows the entire 268-mile course of the Pennine Way from Edale to Kirk Yetholm in seven gruelling winter days. Not content with that, 52-year-old Javed Bhatti then turned around and headed straight back for Edale. The return leg took him eight days. He's been raising money for Mountain Rescue England and Wales in the process.

'I see it as one of the most inspiraitonal competitive events in the world' he says of the Spine Race on his Justgiving page.

'This year I would like to raise some money for Mountain Rescue' he said.

'I have been lucky enough to visit some wonderful parts of the world, and I still think that the British Fells and Mountains are some of the most majestic and awe inspiring environments to be experienced.'

'The women, men and animals who form the Mountain Rescue services provide a vital safety net for all of us; young and old, fragile or super strong, so that we can enjoy those surroundings, share stories, and 'learn and grow' in many wonderful ways.'

'There are many people that I will be remembering on this journey. I would like to dedicate this one to a young lady who is sadly no longer with us. Allegra Whittome is one of the many angels who I like to think will be watching over us all as we go out to run, walk, crawl .....skip, dance and smile to the finish line.'

Javed's original fundaising target was £500, but he has hugely exceeded it, and was well on the way to £4000 at the time we wrote this.

Javed on his return leg through a snowy Yorkshire Dales
© John Bamber

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