UK's Mountain Rescue Teams Rally to Flood-Hit Cumbria

We've all seen the news pictures of the devastating flooding that hit parts of northwest​ England, especially the Lake District, over the weekend. Mountain rescue teams from all over England and Wales have been working in Cumbria, supporting local teams and emergency services dealing with the impact of Storm Desmond. Here's a report from Mountain Rescue England and Wales.

“Most mountain rescue teams have members who are trained and equipped for what is called Swift Water Rescue,” says MREW Chairman, Mike France, “and those skills have been in use across Cumbria and the North of England over the weekend.”

Members of the Edale team helping out in Carlisle on Sunday, 117 kb
Members of the Edale team helping out in Carlisle on Sunday
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Team members from Wales, the Peak District, across the Northwest of England and as far afield as Devon and Cornwall have been rescuing vulnerable people in Cumbria from flooded homes, supporting the NW Ambulance Service with access to those in need and keeping Cumbrian communities safe as part of a huge effort from all the rescue services, voluntary and paid.

“We’ve learnt a lot over the years from other flooding incidents,” said Richard Warren, Chairman of LDSAMRA (Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association), “and we have the technology in our Bases and vehicles to help and sometimes even lead with communications and the allocation of resources.”

“With so many parts of the county affected this weekend, we’ve needed every radio, every vehicle and every other resource that we have.  There have also been simple practical aspects like having local team members who know the geography helping those who’ve come in from elsewhere.  It’s been a huge team effort and it’s not over yet – thanks certainly go to people in our communities who are helping us to keep going - but we’ve been proud to play a part in keeping Cumbria safe.”



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