Lake District Issues Footpath Flood Damage Info

Damage to homes and livelihoods naturally dominated the news coverage, but the recent heavy flooding in the Lake District has left a trail of destruction on the footpath network too, with many path surfaces and footbridges washed away. The National Park Authority are offering detailed information on the affected routes. The message is do come and visit, but take sensible precautions and check out in advance where you can safely walk.  

  • ​The state of paths and bridges is detailed in this impressively comprehensive Rights of Way Map

'Our rangers and volunteers have been busy surveying bridges and path surfaces on rights of way since the floods in early December 2015' says the Park Authority website. 

'We have over 1,400 bridges and almost 2,000 miles of path to check and so have concentrated our survey work so far in those valleys which were worse affected. We have checked many of these bridges and paths already and we will continue to survey them until we have checked them all.'

'Many of the paths are safe to use, some have been affected but are passable with care and some are closed. Where we have closed paths, we have put up notices and cordons at the start of the path and provided maps to show where alternatives routes are available (if possible).'

'Please take notice of any notices and cordons on the ground: we want you to have a safe and enjoyable day.'

For more info see the LDNPA's website

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