Suilven Tops Poll to Win £18K

A path restoration project on Suilven has topped a worldwide online poll to win £18,000 of funding.

Suilven - one of the most memorable hills in Scotland. No wonder the path needs restoring.
© Dan Bailey

The nomination, which was made by Berghaus, secured 6000 votes for the project - 52 per cent of the total in the Alpine category of the competition hosted by the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA), a not-for-profit organisation based in Switzerland.

Chris Goodman, Footpath Officer for the John Muir Trust, who are jointly managing the project with the Assynt Foundation, said:

'This is great news. We were up against strong competition but thousands of people in the Highlands and the wider outdoors community across the UK rallied behind Suilven, underlining just how popular this hill is' 

'We’d like to thank Berghaus for nominating Suilven, as well as others who have helped win this funding.'

'Alongside other funding, this windfall will allow us to get off to flying start next year. The Trust still needs around £50,000 to carry out a full restoration of the footpath that will endure for decades to come.'

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