Film: The Munros in 98 Days by Kevin Woods

In the summer of 2013 Kevin Woods, then just 21, climbed all 282 of Scotland's Munros. Two Eight Two is the film he made of the trip. Originally released as a documentary on BBC Alba, Kevin has now completed his own personal version of the film. And here it is...

'Making it was a fantastic experience' Kevin tells us.

'I had help from my dad who was often to be found filming around the glens during the summer, and also from two others, Neil Allan and photographer Liam Dickson who joined me on significant mountains such as the first, the last, Ben Nevis and the Cuillin.'

'So it ended up being not a lone effort but as a close-knit team. Filming was also a great excuse for the guys to come out for a trip to the Highlands, while I worked through the days' Munros. There was a real emphasis on getting the production values right, which repaid amply in the end. We worked to get the quality of shot as good as possible, while continually improving technique and practice.'

'As the summer wound on, BBC Alba came on board and that opened up a chapter of making a programme for television. This became Dhà-Ochd-Dhà, the Gaelic translation of Two Eight Two and a documentary in it's own right. This was transmitted on BBC Alba twice, in June 2014, then again in July 2015.' 

'Filming up on the summits was rarely a trial and something I enjoyed, but there were considerations such as wind noise and dampness. In really extreme circumstances I'd pull out a GoPro as a means of recording something, but otherwise I filmed it on an SLR, which handily I'd also shoot my photographs with. It's also great to have a volume of footage from the summer of 2013 that I'll always have to look back on, regardless of whether it made it into the film or not.'

'The film [here on UKH] is a lot like the Alba version, except being just my own story, it's more personal to me, and not in Gaelic either. I think of it as being more intense - just my own company and the place I'm in, which is what happened a lot that summer. There are particular moments I love to watch back; the 'epiphany' on Beinn Mhanach, the emptiness of Knoydart and the massive sunny days on the Cuillin. Not to mention Ben Hope, the final Munro.'

' Over two years on, and I'm delighted as always that I did it. And then there's the ever-enduring question of 'what next'...!'

  • For more about Kevin's summer of Munros see this UKH interview



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